Men's Navy Embroidered Robe

Choose from Fonts:

Block, Serif or Calgary Script


Personalization Options:

Personalize with your chest embroidery with a name, a word, 2 initals or a 3 inital monogram. Be sure to read below to ensure you submit your request correctly.


• For Name Personalization: Please be aware of case sensitivity (Jane vs. JANE)

• For 2 Letter Personalization: First Inital, Last Name Inital. Letters will be the same size and in captial letters. (Ex. JD for Jane Doe)

• For 3 Letter Personalization (Individual): Please type in order of left to right. First Inital, Last Name Initial, Middle Initial. The last name inital will automatically be larger and all will be in capital letters. (Ex. Jane Anne Doe will be JDA)

• For 3 Letter Personalization (Household): For a household "monogram", type First Inital of Person #1, Last Name Inital, First Name Inital of Person #2. The last name inital will automatically be larger and all will be in capital letters. (Ex. Jane and Michael Doe would be JDM)


Thread Colors:

All computer screens, monitors and devices are calibrated differently, therefore we are not responsible if the color on your screen does not match the actual color. The color chips shown are a computerized rendition of the actual color.


Custom Orders:

If you are looking for a more custom option, please email us directly at We would love to work with you!


Free Gift Wrap:

We are excited to offer a gift bag with tissue paper complimentary with your order!

Men's Navy Embroidered Robe

Thread Color

    Due to the customized nature of the work involved we do not accept any returns or exchanges and do not offer refunds. It is extremely important you carefully review your order in detail before approving. Please note: this is Our policy for all goods. No exceptions.