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#110 (1 ply): Available in White (Fluorescent White), Off White (Pearl White), Ecru,

Black, Navy + all colors in our Matte and Metallic Swatch Decks

#220 (2 ply): Available in White (Fluorescent White), Off White (Pearl White), Ecru,

Black, and Navy

#330 (3 ply): Available in White (Fluorescent White), Off White (Pearl White), Ecru,

Black, and Navy. Please note, we only suggest 3ply if you are adding color to the edging of your invitations.


Printing techniques can be combined in any combination you choose!

Digital Print

Digital Print

Suited for designs with a wide range of colors such as florals, greenery, etc.

White Printing

White Printing

Best used when your stock color is a darker color where traditional black/navy lettering won't be legible.

Foil Colors


After custom plates are made, foil will leave an element of shine. The metallic effect that foil offers can be a great enhancement to the design.

Letterpress Color


After custom plates are made, letterpress will leave the ink pressed into the paper. This adds dimension to

the finished product!

Blind Letterpress

Blind Letterpress

This is the same process as letterpress, but without the ink! The impression on the paper will be of the stock chosen.


Back Printing

Back Printing

This can be done in foil, letterpress, blind letterpress and digital print.

Belly Bands with White Printing

Belly Bands

with White Print

White printing is used when the color of the belly band  selected is a bit darker in color or if black/darker printing color isn't preferred.

Belly Bands with Wax Seal

Belly Bands (Color)

with Wax Seal

For your belly bands you can select from matte or metallic/shimmer stock finish and over 40 colors to select from for the wax seal.

Vellum Belly Bands with Wax Seal

Belly Bands (Vellum)

with Wax Seal

Vellum is translucent, but not clear with a slight wax finish. Overtop you can select from over 40 wax seals to pop!

Vellum Belly Band

Belly Bands

(Vellum Only)

If you are looking for a clean and minimal look, this is for you. Vellum is translucent, but not clear with a slight wax finish.

Deckle Edge

Deckle Edge

Paper with a feathered edge is described as having a deckle edge, in contrast to a cut edge. This enhancement can be done to 1ply stock.

Gold Foil Edging

Gold Edging

Gold edging is shown best on 3ply stock.

Lasecut Pockets

Pocket (Lasercut)

Lasercut pockets are available in an assortment of patterns and colors.

Solid Pockets

Pockets (Solid)

This is a version of a pocket with no lasercut. It's your choice if you would like the upgrade of a monogram accent or kept plain!

Ribbon Color Options


Select from an assortment of ribbon colors to tie your suite together!

Vellum Belly Band with Wax Seal

Vellum Gate Fold

When ordering a vellum gate fold, your invitation will be inserted inside. We will chat further about the closure options.

Ribbon and Wax Seal

Ribbon + Wax Seal

Choose from an assortment of ribbon and wax seals to complete the assembly of your suite!

Wax Seal Colors

Wax Seals

Choose from over 40 colors of wax as an accent directly on your invitation or to seal your outer envelopes. 


Envelope Guest and Return Addressing


The fonts selected for your invitation suite will then carry through to your envelopes.

It will be a perfectly coordinated match!

This is digitally printed,

typically in black ink,

but can be in a color if you choose.

White Envelope Printing

White Printing

One step up from the black addressing on your envelopes is white printing. This is done when you have selected a dark colored envelope that cannot accommodate black digital print.

Solid Envelope Liner

Solid Liners

The solid liner options can be selected from our matte and metallic swatch decks. This is a great idea if choosing a neutral envelope and wanting a pop of color when your guests open the envelope!

Printed Liners

Printed Liners

The digitally printed liner options are completely customizable! We will work together to see what type of design coordinates well with the invitation suite selected!

Foil Liners

Foil Liners

Just like the digitally printed liners, the foil liners are completely customizable, too! It can be a full foil pattern or a focal point foil print as seen above.

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